Jeff Highly Recommends: Read this Free E-book

My good friend, Danita Bye, has a free e-book available for two days only. I read it, and it is great stuff. Highly recommend. Jeff

For a couple days only:  Here’s a link to the FREE Kindle version of How to Hire Superior Sales DNA:
The Six-Step Process to Recruit, Hire and Fast-Tract a High Performance Sales Team. Co-authored by Danita Bye.   It’s a helpful resource.

Scarcity of sales talent? Or lack of effective process?: With the economy heating up, many see that there is a scarcity of sales talent to drive growth. Top business leaders focus on tapping into best practices to recruit top sales talent. Our newest book brings clarity to customizing a recruiting process We help you figure out what sales DNA will succeed inside your culture, industry, processes, and market BEFORE you hire. How to Hire Superior Sales DNA is a must-read for those committed to getting a handle on what’s needed to grow revenues in 2013. (It is on Amazon for $9.95; but the Kindle e-book is FREE.)

FREE resource helps minimize hiring mistakes: Hiring failures often start by recruiting “likable” people from an extended industry network. A great process… if you want account managers. However, if you’re looking to build a sales growth engine, you’ll be disappointed. An effective process zeroes in on recruiting sales pros that produce consistent & predicable market share growth. Specifically, you can count on them to fill pipelines, win new accounts and growing margins. They take the scare out of the revenue growth process. Check out this resource: How to Hire Superior Sales DNA

Here is Danita’s contact information, she is top drawer.

Danita Bye
Founder, CEO
Sales Growth Specialists
O: 763.473.4891 C: 612.267.3320
3025 Harbor Ln. #210
Plymouth, MN 55447

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Are You Topgrading?

Topgrading: Topgrading developed by Brad and Geoff Smart is a proven best practice for hiring “A” Players.  “A” Players can be 3 times more productive than “B” Players and “C” Players are often counterproductive.

Topgrading at GE: Jack Welch, CEO extraordinaire from GE heard about Brad Smart’s doctorial dissertation on an innovative hiring practice and Welch retained Smart to develop an executive selection process for GE and it thousands of executives.  When Welch retired it was said that there were 51 executives in their organization who were considered as his replacement.  More CEO’s have come through GE than any other organization.

Topgrading the Book: Like many academics, Brad Smart’s first book read like a dissertation and was clunky.  HE has a new book that is much easier to digest and on line tools that not only work for the largest organizations but even individual hires at the smallest of firms. 

It Starts with Core Values: The very first step in the Topgrading interview process is testing core values to assure alignment with your core values.  This of course assumes you are clear about your core values.  There is a direct correlation with core values and productivity to identify “A” Players.  The most productive people with alignment of your core values will be your “A” Players.

Truth Serum is the Key: At every step of the interview process candidates are reminded that as the final step of the consideration, they the CANDIDATE will be required to arrange reference calls with their former bosses and others.

Topgrading 201 eBook available: At you can download a free copy of Topgrading 201.  This will also give a discount to buy Topgrading 3rd Edition.  Self implementation is possible.

Topgrading Workshops are Transformational: The two day workshops on Topgrading in Chicago are by all accounts transformational.  You will never make a bad hire again if you take the training and follow the process.  Many Gazelles coaches have taken the training and rave about the experience and process.

Online Tools Now Available: The Topgrading Snapshot is supposed to be amazing to visually depict how the your candidate fares against Topgrading standards.

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Are You Living Your Calling?

Are you one of the lucky few who are living your calling, or are you committed to a career or just working a job?  Chip Conley, in his books Peak and Emotional Equations: Simple Truths About Creating Happiness + Success challenges us to ask ourselves these question.  Taking a page from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Conley breaks it down to three simple truths.

At base of the pyramid is a Job through which money drives a base motivation for survival.  In the middle of the pyramid is Career where recognition drives loyalty and commitment where you feel a sense of satisfaction to succeed. And at the very top

Calling is where meaning creates inspiration which is the calling transformation.  As Maslow describes it, self actualization.

So where are you on the pyramid, job, career or calling?

Just as we found with the StrengthsFinder when we spend more time in our area of greatest talent we are much more effective.  When we can find our calling we are at our highest level of productivity.

Conley describes it best, “When someone is living their calling, they’ve tapped into some deeper reservoir in themselves or in the collective consciousness in such a way that their work energizes their soul as opposed to depleting them….it’s almost as if “invisible hands” are directing you and you can exhibit many of the qualities of self-actualization and being “in the flow” losing consciousness of the self, losing track of time, having moments of inspiration and insight throughout the day and feeling a combination of passion and, most importantly, peace of mind. When you are at one with your calling, you have developed a certain intimacy with who you are and what your purpose is on this planet.”

Some of us are so committed to our jobs, one might wonder if you are a workaholic.  Conley has an emotion equation for workaholic.  He suggests:  Workaholism equals What you are running from? divided by What you are living for? He suggests that like other addictions often the addiction is driven by some emotion that you fear so run from through work as a distraction.

For many of us our work becomes who we are as a person.  When someone asks, “How are you?”  do you answer the business is fine?  If so, maybe you are working as a distraction and not as a calling.

Not all of us are so lucky to have a job that is a calling but when that happens appreciate the productivity and enjoy flow you feel.  My experience is the calling comes and goes.  You don’t always recognize it until it’s passed.


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Inattention Blindness

Inattention Blindness: Did you see the Gorilla?  You were so busy counting the white ball passes you missed the Gorilla walking through the scene.  That is inattention blindness missing something that is in plain sight while your attention is elsewhere.

Inattention Blindness and the Airplane: The red warning light fires and the pilot and co-pilot focus their attention to see what is going on.  While on the failed warning light they fail to notice the plane has dropped 30,000 feet of elevation and warning lights and buzzers are firing all around them.  Thinking one of them left the plane on autopilot, they are so focused on the non-essential warning light that when they finally noticed their situation, the only words were,’ Sh*t, we’re going to crash.”  I don’t know if this is true but it demonstrates how focus on one thing can blind you to obvious things around you.

What are you missing in your business? The damn dailies consume our attention and when a crisis or mission critical situation comes up we hyper focus on the crisis or mission critical thing which only serves to further narrow our field of view.

Lesson Learned: Had only one pilot focused on the failed warning light the whole thing would have been a non-event.  In a crisis or mission critical situation when perhaps everything is on the line make sure someone is watching the dashboard.  That person has to have enough clout or intestinal fortitude to tap you on the shoulder to say, “By the way the plane is running in to a mountain.”

What gives with this Inattention Blindness?

Conspicuity plays a part.  If it is not conspicuous our mind just blocks it out.  Many people when they get new hearing aids are bothered by all of the background noise that is not filtered.  Our mind has a built in filter.

Mental Workload causes us to hyper focus to exclusion of others, even if they would otherwise be obvious.

Expectation causes us to block out other possibilities.  If you are looking for a friend in a yellow jacket, you may completely miss them if they take off the jacket.

Capacity to complete a task plays a role as well.  AN expert pianist can play a piano without thinking much, even carrying on a conversation.  The novice must give the piano their undivided attention.  Capacity is also diminished but drugs, alcohol, fatigue and dare I say….age.

Avoid Inattention Blindness!

Keep your eye on the dashboard even in times of crisis and during important tasks….

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What’s the ONE Thing for 2013?

The ONE Thing: We are often challenged to come up with the top 3-5 things to move our businesses forward.  There is more and more evidence that the key to dramatic change is hyper focus on ONE Key Thing.  What is your ONE Thing that would be transformational for 2013?

Unrecognized Need: If Henry Ford had asked his potential customers what they needed they would have said a faster horse.  Steve Jobs did not ask his customers what they needed.  By knowing his customers, perhaps better than they knew themselves, he identified an unrecognized need for a music library in your pocket, the iPod.  Is there an unrecognized need you could provide for your customers?

Spend Some Time With Your Customer: Every week you should be spending time speaking with your customers. These conversations are not about taking an order; these customer conversations are about getting to know your customer, industry trends, customer needs.  What might you be able to provide that would make your customers life easier or more profitable?

Addressing the Unrecognized Need Creates Raving Fans: Meeting the expectations of your customers is a given, that provides not much more than mere survival.  Exceeding expectations can create customer loyalty but to address an unrecognized need creates Raving Fans.  By addressing a need the customer didn’t even recognize themselves you will get a WOW that will be repeated to others.  A Raving Fan.

Net Promoter Score: Fred Reichheld in his book, The Ultimate Question shared the one question that drives good profits and true growth, “On a scale of 0-10 would recommend our product or service to a friend or relative?”  Only 9’s and 10’s are your promoters, 7’s and 8’s are passive and 6 and below are actually detractors.  If you can meet an unrecognized need, you are almost certain to get a 10 from your customers.

Was Our Service Perfect? During a recent planning session, one client came up with their own question, “Was our service perfect?”  This sets not only a high standard for your people but establishes an expectation for your customers that you want everything to be perfect.

Focus on ONE Thing: If you can identify that ONE thing that will WOW your customers or drive your profits and hyper focus your team on that ONE Thing, 2013 is likely to be your best year ever.

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Secrets, Strategies, and the Right Plan to Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever

Don’t miss Bill Howe‘s The Four Decisions Strategic Plan” Workshop on Tuesday, October 16, 2012 from 8am to 5pm!

There are 3 questions every effective business leader must ask:

  1. Do I have the right high-leverage insights and ideas to take my business to the next level in the new year?
  2. Do I know how I will grow in an uncertain and changing economy?
  3. Do I have a clear and concise Strategic Plan for my team to execute in 2013?

Did you answer “Yes” to all of these?

If not, it’s time to consider leveraging the one “power tool” now used by thousands of business leaders around the world.

Introducing: “The Four Decisions Strategic Plan”

This fast-paced one day workshop will show you and your leadership team how to achieve:

Led by Bill Howe, certified Gazelles International Coach Emeritus, you will be challenged to have your best year ever.
This invitation-only event has
Enroll Now and receive the
introductory rate of just $795 per person.

Click here to REGISTER NOW (via e-mail)
Register by Phone at 651-998-0900

Conveniently located at the offices of Olsen Thielen at I-35W and County Road C, 2675 Long Lake Blvd, St. Paul, MN 55113.
Sponsored by: Olsen Thielen & Co. Ltd.Redmon Law Chartered, &
Inner Circle of the St. Croix Valley.
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“Connecting with Power: Finding the Inner Human”

Olsen Thielen CPAs and EBITDA Partners invite you to attend the next session of their educational seminar series that will be held on Wednesday, September 19th at Olsen Thielen’s Roseville office, 2675 Long Lake Road.  We strive to expose business owners to concepts and systems that may be worthy of further exploration and examination.  Doors open at 7:30 a.m. for registration and networking and the seminar starts promptly at 8:00 a.m. and wraps up by 9:30 a.m.

“Connecting with Power:  Finding the Inner Human”

Presented by
David Mann
David Mann Corporate Consulting

When the stakes are high, it’s vital that your message is heard.  And if it’s going to stick, it needs to be communicated simply and with conviction.  Achieving the delicate balance of authenticity and precision is an art that will benefit leaders and sales teams…when every word counts.

Passion is at the core of a successful organization, and David motivates leadership and sales teams to make a personal connection to the company identity.  He illustrates how personal stories can make a lasting impression that strengthens key relationships.  David’s keynote program reveals the secrets of communicating complex material with the ease of a conversation and how to use voice and body to get twice the results from half the words.  David’s principles give leaders and sales staff the tools to become living representatives of the organization’s purpose, broadening the marketing reach with depth and personality.

This will be an exciting event and this topic will generate a lot of interest.  Seating is limited to 60 participants and we expect a full house, so register now to reserve your spot.

Contact Barb Graf at 651-621-8557 with questions.

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Olsen Thielen and Jeff Redmon Host Business Expert John Lankford

Leading Business Growth Expert to Share Secrets of Alignment, Execution

Top business attorney Jeff Redmon and leading accounting and financial advisory firm Olsen Thielen will host the second senior executive workshop by four-time North American Business Coach of the Year John Lankford May 11 at the Olsen Thielen offices in Roseville.

Lankford, the CEO of Premier Development Solutions, will share business and revenue growth secrets for participants as he presents the topic, “Execution Starts With Alignment: An accountability blueprint for leaders that works.”

“There has been significant research concluding that organizations often have some semblance of a plan, but when they fall short of reaching their goals, it is not because of failure to plan, but failure to execute,” declared Lankford. “This workshop is going to share solutions around how to execute more effectively, what the best of the best are doing, and what we can learn from them.”

Lankford said his firm has just completed a nationwide survey of 33,000 senior executives that asked them to share their top business concerns, and he termed the results “staggering.” Details of the survey will be shared with May 11 seminar participants.

The senior level, invitation-only executive workshop from 1:30-4 p.m. on Friday, May 11 is being co-sponsored by Olsen Thielen CPAs, EBITDA Partners, Premier Development Solutions and Inner Circle ( The workshop fee is $297. Participants may pre-register by calling Redmon at 715-386-0100.

“John is all about creating results. A results-oriented leader like John Lankford is someone I want to expose my clients to,” said Michael Bromelkamp, principal at Olsen Thielen. “John is a gift we look forward to sharing with our clients at this seminar, and in other ways we are thinking about for the future. He is truly someone with insights, knowledge and practical experience we all can learn from.”

Commented Redmon: “Because of the huge success of his presentation in February, we are absolutely pleased to bring back John Lankford, the 2007-2010 North American Business Coach of the Year four years in a row, as our executive seminar leader May 11. The last event was a sold-out success, and participants are still talking about the multiple ROI value of the program and the techniques they were immediately able to apply to enhance their operations.”

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John Lankford – Execution Starts with Alignment Workshop

Join us on Friday, May 11 for a great opportunity. John Lankford, three time North American Business Coach of the Year, will again be joining us for a can’t miss workshop, Execution Starts with Alignment.

Held from 8am to 10:30am at the Roseville offices of Olsen Thielen, John will be sharing seven solutions that you can implement to improve your company’s financial performance.

Normally $297, I wanted to invite you, as my guest, at no cost to you. All I ask is that you come prepared to work, and since space is limited, please register prior to May 4, 2012.

Register online by clicking HERE.

For more information, please click on the attached flier (below):

I hope to see you there!

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Redmon Recognized by Girl Scouts as Honorable MENtion

Doree Gamble & Jeff Redmon, Girl Scout Centenial Award Honorees

The Girl Scouts held a “once in a century” celebration honoring 100 Girl Scout alumnae who exemplify the qualities of courage, confidence, character, and community contribution that they strive to develop in girls. After a yearlong process to identify 100 women of distinction, Jeff Redmon and two other men made the list and were recognized as Honorable MENtions.

The celebration of women’s leadership was hosted by distinguished Girl Scout alumna Centennial Champion and Carlson Chair, Marilyn Carlson Nelson. The program highlighted the contributions that Girl Scout alumnae have had towards making the world a better place—and helped make the case for continued investment in leadership development for girls. At the Centennial Awards Gala held at the Minneapolis Convention Center, Redmon and the other Honorees were recognized for their many contributions to Girl Scouts and the development of girls.

Redmon says he married into Girl Scouts. His wife, Cindy, joined Girl Scouts as a girl and has maintained her active participation. Redmon joined the Board of Directors of the Girl Scout Council of St. Croix Valley in 1984 while his wife Cindy worked for the Minneapolis Girl Scout Council. Redmon served in many local roles before becoming a National Operational Volunteer for Girl Scouts of the USA. “I was introduced to a National Staff member during the 75th Anniversary event held at the Metrodome. She invited me to serve as an NOV,” says Redmon. “Since 1988, I have had the great privilege to work with nearly 50 Girl Scout Councils across the country through GSUSA.” Redmon served on the National Board of Girl Scouts of the USA from 1993 to 1999. While on the National Board, he served in many roles, including vice chair of the National Finance Committee and National Audit Committee. “Despite many official Girl Scout assignments, hands down my most rewarding Girl Scout role has been as Dad to two amazing Girl Scouts. They have parents who care and are supportive, but Girl Scouts has helped them grow into women who will make their mark on the world.”

Redmon is the publisher of the Central St. Croix News and represents business owners through Redmon Law Chartered, the law firm he founded in 2001. Redmon, who lives in Roberts, is also an active volunteer locally, serving on the boards of St. Croix Central Schools, the Centre in New Richmond and is currently Chairman of the Board for Westfields Hospital in New Richmond.

Girl Scouts is the largest girl-serving organization in the world, serving every US zip code and 90 countries overseas. Girl Scouts was founded by Juliette Gordon Low in Savannah, Georgia in 1912. Locally, girls are served by the Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys. This Council was the product of a merger of five Girl Scout Councils and serves 45,000 girls in 49 counties in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin with the help of nearly 18,000 volunteers.

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